Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spent Balls

When it rains, it pours.  Today is a wet, dreary day in the Bay Area and suddenly --with no effort -- guys were coming out of the woodwork (pardon the mixed metaphor.)  I am such a slut:  I fucked three guys.  Right now I am enjoying that pleasant glow when you've had good sex and you've shot your balls empty.  I will chronicle today in three installments.  Let me start with the last, which was also the best.

Last week I was bemoaning Craig's List flakiness.  Yet, today after and arranged encore with the Piano Man, I suddenly found two emails from dudes who had responded to last week's CL postings.  Weird.  I'd totally forgotten them and had to scan my messages to see who the heck they were; fortunately I had pics for both.  The first of the messages came from today's Man Number Three.  His picture was blurry but enticing:  50 something, chunky, nice fur.   He wanted to suck me, but I indicated I wanted to top.  He was reticent, but indicated he'd give it some serious consideration, based on chemistry.  I was figuring I'd use him as a back up if something else didn't pan out. 

I responded to his email and got a few exchanges, and then suddenly there was no response.  I was assuming he dropped me because he really didn't want to bottom.  So I went out and met Man Number Two.  But, when I returned I had a message from him.   Apparently his mobile had gone dead while he was out; hence, the stopped communication.

Well, he wanted to do this as he had made plans to meet a friend for drinks and then delayed them.  He called me back and said to come over.  As luck would have it he lives about a mile and a half from my house/dangerously convenient.  Saturday Bay Area traffic made it longer than it should be, but I was there in about 10 minutes.  He greeted me at the door, fresh out of the shower in a robe with a kiss.  Then another kiss; then he opened his mouth and we exchanged tongue.  I knew this was going to be good.

He led me into his bedroom and he was anxious to start sucking my cock.  He dropped to his knees while I was still standing and I needed to hook my hands under his pits and pull him up to lead him to the bed.  Fortunately he took direction well.  And then I went to work.

I started to suck his dick (I worked his nipples, but the smell of deodorant was waffing from his pits/yuck, so I moved south.)  I decided to go all out and asked him if he liked it, and he responded he was nervous, as he had only been fucked four times before.  Reflecting on this I find that astonishing/possible bullshit.  However, I told him to roll over and gave him a killer rim job.

His ass tasted good, and I could tell he was tight and tense.  However, he soon loosened up, and I lined my cock up against his hole and let it rest there.  He was purring in pleasure.  I gave him the very slightest pressure and found him pushing back.  I asked if he was enjoying it and he assured me that if he wasn't he'd tell me to stop.  He pushed back; I applied a tiny bit of pressure and I felt it going in.  I let it rest and then pulled out and started to rim him again.  I could tell this was surprising him.  Then I lined up against him again and started to gradually penetrate him.  He was liking it, but I asked him if he's like some lube/he asked me if I brought some and I pulled out and grabbed my jeans.

Using enough, but not too much I went back and slowly slid into him.  I was incredibly patient and just let it rest there and waited for him to start pushing back.  Then I took it very very slowly.  He murmurred he couldn't believe how much he was enjoying it.  And then I started to slowly fuck him.

Suffice it to say, he had a tight and amazing ass.  It gripped my cock and I knew I'd cum quickly.  I held back because it was great, but also was seriously worried about him getting sore.  However, he was loving it and started to aggressively push back.   Several times I told him I was going to cum; several times he responded:  "good."  I wasn't going to refuse the invitation and I soon felt it pulsing in him and him clamping down and shoving back.

He wanted me in him to stroke off so that he could cum, but I was trying to make sure he enjoyed it and wanted to get fucked again. So, I eased out and worked his nipples and played with his balls while he stroked.  It took him awhile and it didn't appear that he was cumming, but as I gradually fondled his balls and cock I felt a tremendous amount of cum (and, wished he'd shot in my mouth; for another time.  Some guys get spooked when you want to take their load.)

The afterglow was nice; he has a nice fuzzy body:  nature has blessed him with a nice, consistent layer of hair, but he's not Magilla Gorilla.  It's just right.  He liked being lightly caressed and as we talked it led to us lightly kissing, and my pushing my still engorged cock against his anus and gradually entering him again.

Unfortunately, I'd already shot once today, and he and I had deadlines.  But, I got him on his back and we fucked for a bit with him furiously stroking his now super hard cock, but we both needed to end and neither of us came again.  I reluctantly pulled out and we jumped up and showered.

We enjoyed each others' company, so much that we stood at the door, and though he was running late neither of us wanted the conversation to end.  I suspect we both wanted to open a bottle of wine and to return to spend the rest of the evening naked in bed.  Sigh.

He thanked me for being patient/I responded that it wouldn't be fun unless he enjoyed it.  He mentioned that I needed to keep coming back since he know liked getting fucked.  I hope so; he's indicated he has Tuesday and Wednesday off.  Hopefully I can tap his ass again either day after work.