Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Ah, there were a number of titles for this entry that went through my mind:  quickie; nooner, but I settled on Juicy.  I reconnected with the Mancub (sorry, you will need to scroll through previous entries to learn who he is.)  We haven't connected in a long time; he's repartnered and lives in the City and I simply don't find occasion to go into the metropolis proper that often, and our solar systems haven't been in sync.

He wrote me last week about possibly connecting and, as luck would have it, I had an appointment in the City today.  He was psyched, but gave me his address with the caveat that I text him in advance as he wanted to be assured we wouldn't be interrupted.  I went to my appointment and he texted "what's up?" and then a regretful "I was called into work at 1."  I looked at my watch and it was 11 a.m.; I checked gps to see how far away he was (2.4 miles) and responded:  "how about a quickie?"  He responded "hurry."

I arrived and was immediately psyched:  he pushes all my buttons:  cute, hairy, sweet, and fleshy on top of muscle.  Did I mention the guy has a distinct body odor that makes me hard as a rock? 

We stared to make out at the door:  he has a large, thick, juicy tongue and it was difficult to pull away to peel off clothes to get naked.  It's fall; I was at a work engagement -- many frustrating layers that I kept peeling off to toss on his couch.  He was easy to strip:  seeing his half dollar sized nipples and fleshy hairy chest made me gasp with lust.  We grasped each other as we made out and I was enjoying the heft of his significant cock.  My sense is that I am one of the few guys who fucks him as he's at least as big as me, and I bent down to suck his cock and his aroma drove me nuts.  He was nonverbally communicating we didn't have time and was task oriented:  he'd already sprayed Gunoil into his hand and lubed himself and me and straddled the bed to present his ass.  Still, I bent over and started to eat it (how does he get it squeaky clean, yet produce manmusk that makes me crazy?) and was immediately frustrated that there was no time for me to properly rim him and suck his dick.  Damn.

I know, you have no sympathy.  You shouldn't.  This hunk was bent over and begging for my cock, and I was able to press in and then ease all of it in lickity split:  no whining about taking it slow, or that it was too big, or that I needed to slow down.  Instead he was nagging me to push in deeper, to fuck him faster and harder.  God it was good.

This guy as a nice moist, warm ass and knows how to squeeze down and push back to fuck you back.  He was in a sweat to get bred and I was getting worried about being able to produce since he was clamoring for my load.  I found myself growing softer and while he was grunting with pleasure I wasn't delivering the fuck for which I am known.  I eased out and rolled him onto his side to make out with him; it immediately made me as hard as possible.   This guy is my wet dream.

I was conscious that time was running out of the hour glass and he ready wanted to be bred:  he wanted to feel my load slowly descending and dripping out of him (he goes commando, so wrap your head around that) and I was becoming convinced it wouldn't happen.  Now trust me, it was an awesome fuck:  I love hugging this stud, and his butt is amazing:  he is a responsive bottom who knows how to deploy his ass to milk his top's cock.  Then it suddenly connected:  my head was singing and I kept thrusting and he was growling:  give me your cum and then feeling the change in my body language knew he was getting it:  he started to grin and yelled "shove it up there, deep up there!  Give me all that load!" I felt him thrusting his body back hard against my pelvis and clamping his body down as he said "I want every drop!:  And then we were still:  I held him and he savored my arms wrapped around him; my hard but softening cock deep in his ass, our damp sweaty bodies pressed together.  And then we felt my cock slackening, beginning to retreat and it popping out of his ass (I am a grower, not a shower...)  We both sighed with disappointment; it was out, we were time compressed, and we both wanted to continue.

Uncharacteristically he was standing, moments later, to bring me a warm washcloth to wipe up (he's always absolutely clean; I was mopping off his sweat and the gun oil, essentially.)  And then we were  getting dressed and making chit chat.  We were working together:  neither wanted it over, but we are pals and I was helping him and he was helping me; none of this was articulated.

We pecked at the door and he said "I'll let you know about this weekend" when we are planning an extended visit when I hope he'll shoot in my mouth and that we can snowball, along with leisurely enjoying each other.  We have incredible chemistry:  the first time we connected I asked him to spend the night (he did) and then we spent the next four together.  When we connect we go at it for hours, but also we enjoy just talking and going out to share meals.  He's more than a fuck buddy:  smart, cute, hot, interesting, and a pig!  Woof!!!

I am keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend. This afternoon I was extremely mellow crossing back across the bridge and was in a very zen mood in the office.  My balls were pleasantly drained and I was feeling very gratified.  Hopefully more to come.