Friday, October 26, 2012

"Dolche" not "Caliente"

Traveled to Miami for work, but had an incredibly time compressed schedule.  The night I got in was opportune for a hook up, but I hadn't strategized to set something definite up before traveling here (on other trips I have had the first trick lined up and confirmed well in advance) which reflected some indifference on my part:  if it happened, it happened.

Well that night, a week night, I got a number of bites on a4a and MH, but it involved a considerable amount of message ping pong.  To an extent it was interesting and even fun, but knowing some guys are just game players (which is extremely tiring and even boring) I lost interest.  I wanted to get a decent night's sleep as I hadn't prior to traveling and had left home brutally early for an inhumanely early flight.  Therefore I deflected some of the bites from noctural creatures (and they are fraught with added potential peril...) but then, depsite being really tired, my body was on Left Coast time and refused to let me fall asleep (guess I should have downed some drinks with dinner; better yet, I should have invited one of the nocturnal dudes over.)

Night two I ended up staying out and imbibing with colleagues and crashed/I'd have been much smarter to have retired to my room early and hooked up.  Last night, then, provided my sole opportunity, and I got into my room mid evening after dinner with another colleague.

A fifty something guy had approached me on SD and we had some nice email exchange.  He had written me late afternoon and encouraged me to give him a ring, and he was interested and willing to come, despite some horrific storm weather here (doesn't FL seem to always be in the eye of some storm?  But, I digress...)  I asked him on the phone what he wanted to do, which flummoxed him. He wanted to see where it went:  he established he was neg, and when I indicated I was a top he shared that he didn't go with a label, which I inferred to mean that he'd bottom.

He arrived in about 50 minutes (I was assuming this would be a bust) and is a tall, nice looking Latino guy, who I am guessing is of Cuban extraction.  I immediately discovered that his nipples are his hot spot.  His cock throbbed and actually moved when I touched them.  He is also a very passionate kisser, but one who moves around:  he didn't get into prolonged exploration of your mouth with his tongue or tongue sucking.  However, he gave out little whimpers of pleasure as we made out and I worked his nipples.

As with many Latins he has a great uncut cock.  It is as long as mine (perhaps longer) but not as thick, so I was able to throat it.  I was enjoying sucking him and he was enjoying getting sucked:  I quickly determined he'd be quite satisfied to have me suck him off (he'd given some preliminary attention to my cock and balls, and returned to them as we explored each other.)  I wasn't interested in just a mutual blow job, but I also didn't want to seem in a hurry.  He was very into licking me all up and down my chest as well as my neck.  He cooed with pleasure when I stuck my tongue in his ear to explore it and returned the favor.  I exercised lots of patience before deciding he was ready to be rolled over and to have his ass rimmed.

He was clean (I worried since he got here relatively quickly after I contacted him, not leaving alot of time to flush out).  While he liked it, I could tell he wasn't as passionate about getting his ass eaten as getting sucked and his nipples worked (I reached up to work his nips while chowing down on his ass, which got him more engaged and psyched.)  I then licked up his ass and began to tease him with my cock, which he was cool with and clearly pleased.  I tried to push in (I think I was in, but didn't know it) and then went down and rimmed him some more.  I tried again and again wasn't sure and didn't know whether he needed more moisture, so I grabbed the lube and after applying some to his ass and my cock being a bit more forceful about going in he then said "let me get on my side" and pulled up his thigh.  I slid in deeply and we both enjoyed it. 

He was okay with getting fucked, but wanted to get on his back and grabbed a pillow to lift his ass.  We went at it, but he needed me to ease out/I reentered and we made out while I fucked him.  I asked how long he could take it, asking if he wanted me to cum. His response was not long, and that he didn't want me to cum in him (alas, because I could feel that it would and in a reasonable amount of time that wouldn't leave him sore and raw.)  However, he wanted to stroke off while I was fucking him, and I needed to stop him a couple of times as he was ready to spurt and he hadn't been here long.

I had failed to realize (establish) that I like sex to be for over an hour and to get close and then to cool down and to keep rotating.  He seemed to think we'd done the fucking and now it was time to dismount and to stroke off. ( I have to remember that for some guys that fucking is only part of the experience and not necessarily the conclusion.  For me, you gradually work up to fucking as it is the acme of m2m sex.)

We made out more (which he loved) and licked and stroked each other's bodies.   He has a great touch and is quite passionate and attentive.  But, he wanted to get rid of  that load.  He tried straddling me to stroke off, but didn't like the position (and the gymnastics got me semi-flaccid.)  I quickly figured this is a guy who it would be better with in a second encounter.  I went down on him as he worked his cock, which he liked, but he pulled me up as he was getting close (I quickly discerned he's be disturbed if I wanted him to shoot in my mouth...).  He wanted me to stroke him while we made out and he made high pitched squeaks of pleasure (it was good, though reading it sounds like it was weird.)  His load came out, but he insisted I keep stroking him till it was thoroughly milked, and he loved it when I stroked his balls and he wanted to continue to make out.

I assumed he'd be done, but he wanted to see me cum and wanted to continue to make out and to stroke me.  Knowing how my body works, I assumed my cumming would be a lost cause, but the switch was flipped and I was into it and found myself yielding to the moment and cumming. 

We had a few minutes of chat (he wanted to know about my flight home, etc.) and then he indicated he wanted to rinse off.  He was soon dressed, offered a thank you and a peck on the lips (jeez man, I just had my dick up your ass, suddenly we are getting formal?) and was out the door.  I looked at the cock: an hour had passed.

It was okay:  I can check Miami off on the hook up map (and maybe Cuba:  not sure that I have hooked up with a Cuban before, though I have with several hot Puerto Ricans.)  It got the job done, but there was little afterglow.