Sunday, June 10, 2012

the importance of cleaning out

Well, I had an experience that mirrored that of some of Rob the Breeder's escapades today.  A guy came onto me from a4a; nice looking and a hungry bottom.  He lives north east of here, so it involved a trek, but he was anxious to bottom, insisted he was neg and recently tested, and wanted it bare if I was neg.  Slut that I am I jumped in the car.

When I arrived at his place the alarm bells started to go off.  Dark, crappy, dirty basement studio apartment and while a nice looking guy, laconic and not alot in the way of social skills.  I took it slow and he noted I wasn't anxious to get comfortable.  I indicated that I needed to adjust my eyes first.  The place was a mess:  a cigarette smoker, an empty beer can on the coffee table, a huge partially finished bottle of Sprite on the table, and an empty pizza box visible on what looked like an equally untidy kitchen.  I was debating saying it wasn't going to work, but sat down.  He started to peel off his clothes and I liked what I saw.  I said to him,"let me check you out" figuring that I'd leave if I saw anything like warts or discolorations.  He has a buzzed body with a nice growth on it (very hot) and long dense hair in his pits (woof!)  His soft cock looked pristine and I got him to roll over, pulled his cheeks apart and his ass looked spotless.  So I figured, I drove the distance, what the hell.

The guy was totally passive, which doesn't work for me typically.  He immediately started sucking my cock, but his remained soft.  I tried stroking it, his nipples are not hot wired.  Great I thought...this is going to be bad news.  Anxious for some response I rolled him on his stomach and started eating his ass:  finally some reaction but very quiet moaning. 

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I teased his ass with my cock which he loved; I rolled him onto his back and he was now rock hard.  I sucked his cock and balls and he was really into it, but kept his eyes firmly closed, which bugs me. I pushed back his arms and munched on his pits:  one consolation, he had some nice manmusk going.  Finally I decided to get the show on the road.  I pushed him over on to his stomach, teased his hole with my cock head and slowly eased it in; while it was sliding up into him and he was enjoying it he was also supertight.  I asked how long it had been since his last time and he indicated a couple of months.  I eased out, grabbed some lube I brought (he had astroglide, which is like using dishsoap) and lubed us both and slid into him.  I wrapped my arms around him and got a good rhythm going; we were both really enjoying it.  After awhile he said "there's water left over from the enema; I need to get rid of it".  I eased out and then realized it was pretty gross.  My olafactory senses are keen and I suddenly wanted to jump in the shower, quickly, but he went into the bathroom, threw me a washcloth, and was in there for a period of time.   Yuck. 

When he came out I said I needed to rinse off; he showed me the shower.  I asked if he was done and he said yes, and I asked if he was "done done".  He said yes, he was worried about his girlfriend dropping over.  I jumped in the shower and thoroughly scrubbed my cock and balls and beard, and then jumped out.

Neither of us had cum, and I figured it was one of those ill matched episodes that both guys think will work out for the moment but doesn't.  He asked me when I was dressing, however, if I could ever host because he'd really like to get together again in a more relaxed place:  go figure. Definitely an ego stroke for me.   I picked up my lube and said it wouldn't be good for the girlfriend to find.  He indicated she knew he likes guys and sometimes likes three ways.  Not my thing by any means, but it did suggest he might be a little safer than I initially thought.  That and my figuring out that he was divorced; when I asked I learned he has two children.  He was pleased when I asked if he was a musician because amidst the clutter I noted several guitars (he's an amatur.)

Perhaps if I'd cum I'd feel differently, but probably not.  I always like the perogative of declining rather than being declined (don't we all) but the dirty butt was a definite buzz kill and  prevented any chance I'd host.  While I understand how the body works, I can't usually get past how grossed out I am by a dirty ass.  Accidents happen, but a dirty ass is like a highway accident.

visual enhancement

as I slowly learn how to use this blog feature it has occurred to me that is is pretty devoid of visual enhancements.  Of course, I am a discreet guy.  But  I thought another shot of my cock might appeal to potential followers