Saturday, October 5, 2013


Growing up on the East Coast I was tangentially familiar with Yiddish and always knew that putz was the inverse of schmuck.  Putz has a dismissive connotation because it means small dick as opposed to the big, pulsing, self absorbed, angry for action image of a schmuck for which you have begrudging respect.  I'd also always heard that dork was synonymous with small dicked, but my quick web search hasn't confirmed that yet so far.

On business trips for the past three years this chunky, muscular guy has come on to me.  However, his schedule has never synched with mine so, before this week, we never connected.  This trip the guy found me on line and was specific.  Smooth, but muscular with padding:  I like the latter part so I set up a date.  During the appointed time, however, he was running late, didn't know where my hotel was (you map that out in advance dude) and the like.  I had to work the following morning, it was passing 8 p.m., I had gone to dinner early and rushed, and I was reading flake.  But then I heard a light tap at the door and there he was.

This fellow is definitely built, but chunky:  Japanese American:  picture a slimmed down sumo wrestler.  Shaved head, serious shoulders and thick neck and cut pecs, but with a rounded tummy.  Smooth all over (except for the long, black, straight, thick inky pubes that I had found typical of Asian American guys with whom I have played.  I find their pubic hair particularly hot.  With this fellow I discovered the pubes later.)

A strong, shy, socially awkward fellow who met me with an uncertain smile, was clearly relieved when I grinned back and put my arms around him.  He practically purred and was very into making out; I never thought I'd get him to move he was enjoying kissing so much.  But I snuck my hand under his shirt and was exploring that muscular torso and pulling his shirt off.  Nice, somewhat sensitive nipples:  this guy was, however, simply enjoying being touched period.

He was wowed as he got my pants open and explored my junk; I started to pull his shorts down and he embarrassedly said "I'm not the most endowed man."

Now, I know the stereotype of short cocked Asians is bullshit.  First, I have fucked a lot of them, and they have always had decent sized cocks/overall the guys I have been with have been in the 5 to 7 inch range, but I have also played with guys who have long thick ones.  Logic tells us that the stereotype can't be true with their being 1.2 billion Chinese alone.  Asian women surely like cock as much as gay men (well, almost as one enjoys cock as much as a gay dude.)  However, this guy appeared to have no cock at all:  I saw only a cock head sticking out of his torso/no bullshit.

I thought, oh wow, this is a mess.  Well, I figured he might be a great bottom (he'd come to get fucked, but also gave me a laundry list of caveats about his being tight, my taking it slow, his not getting fucked often...)  I know knew why he didn't get fucked often:  I imagine he gets little (pardon the pun) action.

Well, my determination kicked in:  I'd conquer this (less than) a mountain.  I'd get him hard/it surely had to get a lot longer. He had to be a grower not a shower.

Alas, at full mast he's three inches and narrow.  Poor thing.  I got into this pop psychology thing and imagined that's why this shy, soft spoken, seemingly insecure (who wouldn't be insecure with that shrimp?) guy had gotten seriously into lifting.  Without question he is big, muscular, and strong.  No one would imagine what was under his shorts looking at him.  You'd think he was packing 9 based on his bod.

I stroked and sucked and tried to work my magic:  he thrashed and sighed.  It was clearly a charity case for me at that point.  Frustrated I rolled him over onto his stomach and started to eat his ass.  Then things changed.

A very nice ass, it was fun to eat.  It was clear this boy hasn't been eaten much and he was in ecstasy.  Besides his ass tasting good (Boy Scout points for a very clean ass, but in terms of positive stereotypes, Asian Americans are usually squeaky clean).  I got up after getting him super relaxed and slack and rubbed my cock up and down his crack, connected with his hole and very gradually pressed against him:  pop/penetration.  Stayed there.  Slowly inched into him.  Then he asked if I had a condom.


Well I eased out, ate him some more, and we made out and rolled around, rubbed against each other, and I encouraged him to straddle me.  My hard cock was pressing against his ass, and he lifted, directed the cock head against his hole, and slowly impaled himself and slid down it.  I just layed there and waited for him.  I could feel his guts adjusting around it; small spasms; his heart beat through his intestines.  And he slowly lifted himself up and then slid down again.  I let him direct the action.  Eventually I thrust up with my thighs; he got the message and lifted up a bit so I could do the thrusting.  He looked like a five year old with an ice cream cone.  He clearly had no interest in a condom now and never mentioned one again; in fact every time I was out of him he was anxious to get my raw cock back up his bare hole as soon as possible.

Eventually I got him on his stomach and took it slow but fucked him flat, doggie, on his side.  We rolled around and explored a variety of positions, taking breaks to make out, lick, and stroke.  It was nice and my cock felt great taking it's time slowly stretching his smooth, tight, silky hole.  He commented "wow; it feels great and doesn't hurt at all!  I've never felt like this before!  You are so considerate and take your time; no other guy has been like this."

Well this brought out my compassion (and some irritation.)  I was determined to make this wonderful for him and periodically eased out to eat his hole for a long time, took breaks for long, languid making out, and massaged his little button (read cockhead) throughout.  The irritation was over guys who had just used the poor dude, hurting him and leaving him sore.  Jesus; I don't just want to use a guy as a receptacle.  Sex should be interaction and you want your partner to be enjoying it as much as you are; to me its two guys striving to bring the greatest pleasure to the other and majorly getting off in the process.

It was warm, comfortable, and very nice.  I knew he'd freak if I shot in him and my balls were still defying Mr. Cock (last night they weren't/to be described in a subsequent entry) so I eased out and said I wanted him to get off.  His little cock was throbbing at its full three inches and he was stroking (it looked like he was pounding his torso with his fist, actually) and then the copious amounts of cum I expected were saturating his dense pubes (btw, he has an enormous ball sack:  all his dna focused on the balls I guess.)

We cuddled and enjoyed the afterglow; he wanted to stay but I had to work and he had a 40 minute drive.  He reluctantly dressed and hugged and kissed me at the door and asked "when's next time?"

Last night we were supposed to get together and I was astonished that he cancelled:  he had to work late in his family business and I was not into playing at midnight:  today is Saturday and I wanted to sleep in but also to get a decent night's sleep as I am going to kick this last bit of lingering cold.  I am sorry that it looks like we won't reconnect because he is so sweet and the sex was so warm and intimate, and I'd like to see this guy have another good time with someone who isn't an asshole just out to get off.  Hopefully next trip we'll reconnect.