Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Can Feel It Throb

Well, after several weeks of my traveling for business the Arab and I are back on a bit of a routine.  Earlier this week I had the opportunity to head to his house after work to give him a tune up and it was a hot time.

It was the day after I connected with the Piano Man.  Optimally I'd like to space such sessions out, but hook up opportunities tend to be random, so you need to have a carpe diem mentality.

When I arrived Breeding Ian Jay was again playing on the television (this time the Brad McGuire scene was on when I walked in.)  The Arab was lying in bed stroking with a big Cheshire cat grin on his face.  I quickly peeled off my clothes and joined him in bed.

He was in a cuddle bear mood, and wanted to hug and make out and was litterly purring throughout it.  I was in no rush and savored it, allowing my fingers to lightly explore his hot, hairy body.  It was leisurely and comfortable and we took our time mutually sucking and my taking a long time to rim his hole till it was soaking with my spit and dialated.  I went in, but I could tell he'd shortly get raw without some other lube, so I used a small amount of elbow grease (much nicer than Wet, but not condom compatible/fortunately we are past that hurdle.)

It was a long fuck, and I worried whether I'd get there, but fortunately I'd refrained that morning from rubbing one out.  Still it took it's time rising, but when it did it was nice.  He's taken to fucking me back and squeezing my cock for all it's worth.  When I started to cum he knew it and really clamped down, which was actually kind of annoying.  But, I figure it's not all about my fun and I need to go with the flow (sorry, I couldn't resist that) but I do wish he'd just let me savor my spurting.  However, he was really really animated and loud bellowing "I can feel it throbbing!  I am going to keep this load in my ass all night!!!"  Well, he wasn't working, so I guess he didn't need to worry about it leaking out...

We enjoyed the afterglow and cuddled and made out afterwards.  I really wasn't into the "okay, now let's get you off" scene then (some times it can really be a buzz kill, especially if the guy takes forever to cum and wants you to tweak his nipples, play with his balls or wants to straddle your now hypersensitive post orgasm cock.)  I indicated I was sorry he hadn't cum and he was totally cool with it, telling me to come over in the next couple of days and we'd take care of him.  We are at point as fuck buddies where we are more interested in the man2man contact and not keeping score.

A nice evening; I showered, dressed, and walked out with a nice glow.  It was longer, and more relaxed this time, yet not too long...just right.