Saturday, April 6, 2013

No Risk?

I've actually had several pleasant escapades recently that I intend to chronicle.  However, this one was distinctive and pretty "interesting" so I want to record it now.

Last year I placed a CL ad and had a guy here on business check me out.  He wanted to hook up when he arrived, but for whatever reason it didn't work out:  something like his being available from 5:17 to 6:23 but only then on a Tuesday.  Okay, fine, no loss.

Then another trip to the area he wrote and was anxious to hook up:  I asked his availability and the days he was here he was either not available the nights I was, or he just didn't get back to me.  Trust me, I wasn't crushed with disappointment.

So early this week he contacted me again.  Now he's staying at a hotel I can walk to from my house (well not leisurely walk) so it was incredibly convenient.  As it was, it almost rounded out my tour of local hotels (yeah, there are several left to go...)  Well, after not being available two nights I proposed, wonder of all wonders he was available this past Wednesday.  Now you might ask, why did I follow through?  Well, he was actually pretty persistent this time and his pic reflected a fine looking man.

Again, another hotel with tedious "valet only" parking.  Gimme a break (though, it is pretty swank.)  I found on street parking allowing me to avoid a hard boiled, "knowing" look from the valet if I was to retrieve my car.

I arrived at his room and was ushered in, and he asked me "did you get my email?!"  We'd exchanged some emails before I left and my last had asked whether he was cleaned out and ready.  I replied I hadn't and he brusquely said "well, if you're just here to top it won't work."  Okay, I try to be cool, but this was a bit strident.  I know that my CL ad had indicated I wanted to top/apparently he only remembered the cock shot and that he wanted it.

So I quickly assessed the situation:  I was there, I was horny, I wanted to get off, I'd gone through the tedium of finding on street parking and then treking to the hotel/I wasn't ready to throw in the towel.  I decided I was okay with oral.  And then I looked at him and noticed he just had a long sleeved shirt on and a very big hardon sticking out from underneath it (apparently some ambivalence/conflict in his subconscious.)  So I said, what do you want to do?  He said oral and body contact.  Okay...

Then he insisted on making a business call, which I found really tedious.  Come on!  I felt it went beyond the essential but then it ended.

I stripped, he took off his shirt and embraced me.  About 5' 7" and very fit and trim (a swimmer) with a decided metrosexual approach (overly groomed/he must spend hours in the bathroom trimming, pummicing and using ungents.)  He actually looks a helluva lot like Anderson Cooper. 

Anyway, he's a passionate kisser so alot of tongue action ensued.  I knew the pits would be spotless (thank God no heavy cologne, which I was expecting, but in terms of full disclosure just having come from the office  I had some cologne and deodorant on from my 6 a.m. abolutions and he didn't complain.)

He liked his neck nuzzled and liked it as I proceeded to lick down to his cock.  His cock looked huge when he was standing, but I realized it was relative to his actual height.  It's a nice one, but probably 6" long and 4" thick.  I started to lick it and his balls and then took it into my mouth.  He immediately pushed me off and said "no sucking.  I am married and don't take any risks!"  Okay, at that point I was thinking, this is really tedious, but I decided to give it a bit more time.  I almost laughed at the no risk part.  If I'd wanted to crush him like a bug I would have advised him we should then lie apart and separately stroke off if that was his rule of thumb.

So, I licked his cock and teased its head with the tip of my tongue (allowed) and licked down to his balls.  Interestingly this guy did want to get rimmed.  Fine with me (but I thought:  moron!  that's a helluva lot riskier than my sucking your cock!  Your anus/colon is extremely absorbant, and what you are afraid my spit might do to your cock it will certainly deliver when I rim you.  Perhaps he just thought gonhorrea was only possible if I throated his cock...)

He is a devoted swimmer and has an incredibly cute little ass.  It was a genuine pleasure to rim.  Again, in terms of inconsistency he wanted my tongue deep in him (glad to oblige) and kept pushing back as it probed him.  Lots of saliva was getting deposited in him/probably some internal friction, albeit, minimal.  Then he loved it as I rubbed my cock up and down his crack, and actually liked his hole getting teased/any substantial pressure though and he pulled back and cautioned me.  Trust me, I wasn't trying to get in at that point, but did wonder whether some of this was a charade.  What was particularly weird was his exclaiming "I want you to cum on my ass!"  ??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (I didn't offer any response.  I wasn't going to spoil the mood by calling him out.)  At another point he told me how much he loves the taste of cum and wanted to lick his off my tongue.  Hmmmm. (that didn't happen, btw.  Apparently just pig talk.)

Overall it was actually pretty pleasant.  He licked my cock alot and loved playing with it, and he also loved my laying on top of him and thrusting my cock between this thighs.  Actually with him on his stomach and my doing just that I was sufficiently stimulated to pull back and to shoot on his back.  He reached back and felt it and had a look of triumph on his face.  He then directed me to grab a towel so he could wipe off (you bet sir!) and then rolled on to his back and stroked off, quickly shooting a truly amazing load...more than I produce in a week (little guys seem to do that.)

Then he was up, and it was over.  He asked me to wait while he quickly showered (why?)  I quickly dressed and impatiently waited at the door (fortunately he was quick.)   There was some small talk (oddly we have some things in common/remember the six points of separation.)  He gave me a peck at the door and I exited.  Time elapsed:  one hour.

Hmmm.  It was okayish, but definitely interesting.  Some short man syndrome here, I suspect.  But overall  recreational sex certainly introduces you to some fascinating psychology.