Saturday, June 9, 2012

the Craig's List dilemma

I am off for a few days and, finding a4a a virtual desert today (it typically is in your home area:  the guys are looking for something new as they've all sized each other up eons ago.)  Manhunt is even worse (both, however, are a god send when you are traveling.)  Everyone on men4sexnow is from about 20 miles away, and I typically get an uneasy vibe from most of those guys.  So, I invited the frustration of posting on Craig's List.

Now I have connected with great guys over the years through CL.  But, it's definitely like gold mining.  And, you have to be prepared to piss away alot of time (though there are those rare occasions when you have fifteen hot leads in 20 minutes and then are trying to do fast math to figure out who to pursue/choose.) Typically, however, you have guys coming on to you:  you ask for a pic, they don't have one.  You indicate you are a top and they are tops.  You indicate you can't host and they ask you if you can host.  You indicate you want to fuck and they only want oral.  Yawn.  And then you are interested, they express further interest and then they freeze when you ask for an address, or get you almost to the point when you are ready to leave and then it is a 20 minute hiatus before another response and they aren't available.  Craig's List epitomizes email ping-pong.

I realize that alot of this has to do with guys shopping around and weighing the relative merit of the offers:  been there, done that.    The best time is a weekday morning, or just before lunch.  You have the guys with the day off looking to connect early in the morning so that after they get their itch scratched they can progress with something more productive the rest of the day; others are looking for a "nooner".  However, all too many are game playing freaks:  some realize they are game playing and are intentional about being pricks but too many don't realize that they are doing it.  They are getting some sick vicarious thrill:   they have absolutely no intention of real physical contact and are engaging in a perverted version of cybersex:  where the guy who actually wants to get his rocks off is the victim.

This morning I invited this abuse (again).  And, to add to the joy in the middle of it some lunatic flagged me.  This has happened before (actually several times) and I suspect that it is the same creep who recognizes my cock pic and was probably someone I wasn't interested in connecting with a while ago.  Unrequitted lust is apparently hard for some to deal with.  

Also today I had another guy, who if his pics are actually his, is my wet dream.  He begged me to "pick him".  He's allegedly in downtown Oakland (parking?  hassle?  safety?) and when I inquired about parking  and then asked for a street address --after taking long intervals to respond-- finally wrote me that "this is too much work"  after giving me a vague idea where lives; his last message indicated he was going to the beach.  Well, excuse me.  I usually try to be expeditious but I am looking at sucking a stranger's dick and eating and fucking his ass:  a minimal amount of due diligence is in order (I didn't ask his favorite color, food, or fantasy, for example.  An address I can map out I thought was a reasonable request in order to accomplish the task at hand.)

The best, however, is when you find someone on CL who you can then place with his a4a or manhunt ad.  Then you have a better idea whether he is genuine (and honest.)  But, that is the topic for another posting (disturbing inconsistencies between individuals' postings on various sites.)

I possibly have something lined up for tomorrow and something else on Monday.  I have several guys anxious to suck my cock but I am just in the mood for more today (and nearly everyday.)  I like the whole experience:  oral leading up to pushing into the guy, wrapping your arms around him and making out or sucking his neck while pushing into him and pleasuring him with your cockhead rubbing his prostate.  Lying back and getting done isn't fully satisfying, and mutual sucking, while visually pleasing, is distracting (focusing on trying to get him off and savoring his dick, you really can't fully enjoy him sucking YOUR dick.)

Sigh.   I think I am going to beat off and get productive.  Carpe diem gents.