Monday, December 2, 2013

Slutty Saturday

Last night I was making dinner and cutting up some jalapenos, and needed to take a bio break.  Now, I always wash my hands before taking a leak, but not usually before doing so.  Note to the wise:  if dicing jalapenos wash your hands before handling yourself.  I immediately felt the burn; perhaps it was exacerbated by the serious exercise my member got the day before...It lingered for quite awhile.

I hadn't connected with my Filipino pal in a while, though he's regularly flirted with me on line and repeatedly stressed his need to get his serious itch scratched.  Unfortunately, I've been unable to host and he has an odd living arrangement.  He rents from a gay couple and can't have company over for sex when they are home, which seems to be next to always, which is ironic because he's always in the mood to bottom.  We went back and forth on line over the holiday weekend (he thought he'd be able to host over the weekend and then the roommates never left.) Last minute I could, though it was a workday for him, so he wrote and asked about coming over for a tune up en route to work. 

Now I'd taken a relatively long hiatus from sex following traveling and then being felled by the flu (which, with the after affects, seemed to drag on for two weeks.)  Being concerned that I might forget the moves I was anxious for some action.  As it was, like riding a bike, I didn't forget.  But it was quick a task oriented encounter.

Normally I envision getting sucked as just part of the path to topping.   But, once he got naked and dropped to his knees his mouth simply felt amazing on my cock:  warm, soft, moist, and talented.  However, he needed to get to work and wanted my cock where the sun doesn't shine, so he bent over the bed and presented his prize for my attention. As usual, it was as clean as a whistle and I really got into probing him with my tongue (despite the fact I was operating on about a half a cup of coffee.)  This guy is pretty tiny (5' 7") and taut with an ass that is as cute as a bug's ear.  Soon he was begging me to lie on my back and crouched over me to lower and skewer himself with my cock.  It felt great but in light of how small he is (30" waist) he was grimacing and taking it slow; he wanted it but it was going faster than was comfortable for him and he disengaged with care and then laid on his back and with his legs in the air asked me to line my cock against his hole and wait for him to pull me in; this is his preference and invariably he does pull me in growling:  slowly, slowly!  Then when I am all the way in he asks me if I like my boy's ass, and then demands that I slam it into him.

In light of my abstinence it felt really great, but he was vigorously stroking himself and his hand was annoying me as it was distracting me from fully concentrating on my cock being milked by his hole.  However, soon it all connected and I was then spewing into him; the minute he felt me stiffen and my cock trobbing he urged me to keep fucking him faster and deeper and was spewing a big load moments later.  (It always astonishes me how little guys with small cocks shoot tremendous amounts of cum.)  I was glad that he managed to miss hitting the pillow this time, though he left me with cum soaked laundry.  Start to finish couldn't have been more than 30 minutes. He quickly jumped in the shower and was walking out of my place looking very proper and ready for work moments later (making me imagine the cum slowly leaking out of him into his shorts as the day progressed.)

Now it was still pretty damned early and I fetched the paper out of the driveway, poured more coffee and logged on to the various sites.  Then suddenly I was being hit on by a guy a couple of towns away who was begging me to travel over to do him last week, and who I'd later found had been checking me out on a bb site.  We went back and forth asking each other a number of questions (last test, bare or not, whether he gets bred or wants the top to pull out.)  All his answers were the right ones (bare okay if I was neg; cumming in him maybe based on the vibe) and, still horny as hell, I decided to drive over to his place.

I'd been reluctant earlier as he lives in a hardscrabble town to the west and I didn't know what to expect.  However, he lives in a private home (good) by himself (better) and just off the freeway (whew.)  I found myself driving through a nice middle class development, so I was totally at ease when I rang his doorbell.

He arrived at the door and was carefully groomed (Chinese American, so I was clearly having a Pacific Rim day.)  He led me directly into his bedroom and began to grope me; no shyness there.  I pulled him to me and we started to make out and he was on his knees opening my shorts and pulling them down. He wanted at the goods immediately. 

When we'd "negotiated" on line he's indicated that he loved to have his ass eaten, and I imagined that I'd spend at least 10 minutes eating him out first.  However, he was famished for cock and wanted me in him immediately; it was actually going faster than I wanted.

I find it interesting when people refer to those of Chinese heritage as yellow:  I am pink to peach colored and this guy is much whiter, almost ivory, compared to me.  The down side was that he shaves his pits and pubes and is totally smooth (dense, thick moosed hair atop his head though.)  A pretty guy though and passionate, but amazingly slutty.  There was no easing it in, he wanted me to ram it into him (I did ease in/ramming in assured a short fuck and I wanted to take my time) and he told me to ignore any moaning he might make and to keep fucking him as long and as hard as I wanted.  He immediately announced he was looking forward to my breeding him/guess the chemistry was working.

This guy is a great bottom and has learned how to use his ass to get a top off.  Even though I'd only cum about 2 hours earlier, I was ready to pop just a few minutes into him.  I found myself pulling out to cool off and to take time to eat his ass, which pushed him over the edge and made him get really loud.  But after about 15 minutes (pulling out twice) it was simply too good and I was shooting into him.  Being an experienced bottom he knew it and pushed me back and was sucking the cum, sweat and lube off my cock moments later -- but quick to push me back to kiss me and to shove his tongue into my mouth moments later.  This put me in a mood and I rolled him over and started to felch him.  We definitely got into some serious pig action (his ass was clean/clean/clean till I started filling it.)

He has a small cock, and like many bottoms he didn't get very hard at first, but after I came and we were making out I started to stroke his cock (he pushed my hand to his ass and wanted me to finger him and stroke him simultaneously) and shot a huge load across his body.  We embraced and I scooped up some and he licked it off my fingers, made out, embraced, rolled around and both got covered in it.  

While we spooned a short time he wanted to get fucked more and we got right back to it.  He wanted to please me and  I was glad to keep him on his stomach and side and to keep at him with steady thrusting; since he has super sensitive nipples it was great to wrap my arms around him and to have my right hand work his left nipple and vice versa. 

I doubted I'd be able to shoot a third load that quickly but after I'd been there ~75 minutes I was delivering another load into him.  After licking me off again he was working out another load himself.  As he got up and asked if I wanted to shower I got the message that his itch had been sufficiently scratched, but I was glad to be able to get on with the day myself.  As I dressed and he led me to the door it was initially awkward, but I pulled him to me to kiss him and he smiled and said he was looking forward to serving me again.  I assured him I'd probably be horny again for him a few  hours later (I was but didn't drive back.)  With any luck I'll be back for an encore this coming weekend.  I'll be careful what I handle afterwards.