Saturday, August 24, 2013

Island Bear

I was traveling in the South recently and while in the airport had checked into one of the sites on my phone.  Seconds later I got a message that caused my cognitive dissonance to kick in.  I recognized the guy but the place was totally wrong (and it was my first trip to this part of the South.)

His message was "I can't believe you are here!  Do you remember me?"

Of course I remembered him.

We've had sex many many many times when I was on other business trips.  He was a regular in fact for many years.

He's originally from Hawaii and is a solid, athletic young bear, who on the islands is defined as "local" meaning he's a mix of several Pacific Rim ethnicities.  He's typically Hawaiian though.  A lovely guy who seems sweet and innocent dressed.  However, get him naked and he's a pretty passionate animal who wants to get fucked as long as you can stay hard. 

When we first met it was shy and somewhat awkward, but he's nice (I think I am too) and we enjoyed each other's company after we'd both cum; I guess that's a pretty good barometer.  We'd fuck, shower up, go out and have dinner, and come back to my room to fuck some more.  At least once he slept over (however, other times he declined because his former boyfriend was working at the hotel where I was staying, which made me feel like a voyeur staring at him at checkout without the guy having any suspicion what I knew about him.)

Whenever I was in the area I'd look for him, but if I changed my profile location he'd immediately hit me up the moment he saw me on line.  We connected several times a year and at a certain point, when I rarely barebacked, he grasped my bare cock and linked it to his hole and then encouraged me to nut in him when felt my cock get harder recognizing I was close to cumming.  He was the first guy I met who called his hole his "pussy" which was pretty hysterical coming out of this broad shouldered, muscular hunk.

Well, I'd forgotten that he'd moved to the Southeast, but it had been easily four years since I'd last seen him.  He was curious whether I'd be interested in connecting again (duh) and as luck would have it I had the afternoon free before an early evening work engagement.  Well, he wanted me to fuck him in the afternoon and later after my engagement; I'd normally not invite anyone to hang in my room while I wasn't there, but I totally trust this guy.   Apparently he's way into me as he drove nearly 60 miles to come to my hotel.

It was as good as I remembered.  We were totally comfortable and relaxed with each other and after lots of making out and mutual sucking and my devoting lots of time to rimming him (my tongue got a major work out) I started to fuck him.  He was pretty tight as it had been a while since he was last fucked but we went at it for a long time and he pushed back and clamped down with enthusiasm as I came.   He told me he was looking forward to lying around the rest of the afternoon with my load in his hole.

He straddled me to stroke off and shot an amazing load:  I was in my post orgasm "I don't feel like it in my mouth" mentality, though I'd wanted his load before cumming (weird psyche) but later we made out, he sucked my dick (it incredibly turns me on when a guy sucks me after I pull out of him) I ate his ass and fucked him some more but couldn't cum (I needed time to recharge the battery and, quite frankly, he was now pretty loosened up.)  He begged me to stroke off and to cum in his mouth and I told him I wanted his first; it was nice to taste and swallow a load again and without asking he pulled me to him to make out after he shot in my mouth.

Well I had to shower and suit up for work and it was kind of weird to leave him in my room but he hung out, got some dinner and was lying there naked when I returned.  I laughed and said "honey, I'm home!"

We got back to it and I fucked him again for a long time but my balls just wouldn't give up another load through fucking and he actually did start to get sore, so we finished by stroking off again.

It was sweet and quite the surprise but a little melancholy; I doubt I'll be back in that region and it reminded me how much pleasure we've brought each other over the years.  But I sure did enjoy it.  He's amazing sex.